Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laptop Over Heating! problem and fix

Dust in Heatsink
Dust in Laptop Heat Sink 0.1
Dust in Heatsink
Dust in Laptop Heat Sink  0.2
Overheating problem is very common problem among most laptops. I am going to describe here some causes and fixes below.
Overheating Symptoms:
1.       Laptops overheat: while laptop over heat you can sense easily. If you are regularly using laptop and used to put it on the legs then you easily distinguish temp change on long run.
2.       Slow functioning: when laptop starts slow working you must also think about over heated too (slow functioning may cause by other factors also) when processor and Graphic chip over heated they slow down the computer operation.
3.       Malfunctioning: in most laptop Processor and GPU are set on single heat sink rod, if in condition heat not exhale form heat sink then performance of laptop will unstable.
4.       Hanging Frequently: when chip overheated then it will start hanging because chip over heat can cause burn the chip also.
5.       Unfortunate shutdown: some laptop has heat management system the programmed to forcefully stop system or to alert user and inform to shut down, sometimes not boot the Laptop PC to prevent Damages.
6.       Blue Screen of Death: in some case laptop PC unable to boot to prevent damage to hardware, will show warning at blue Screen and shutdown or turn out to be unbootable Laptop (machine) this may cause by overheating chips sometimes.
7.       Noise/vibration: Some time when fan jam/grill jam by thread or particles of broken fan wing then cause unexpected noise, sometimes vibrate also.

There are many causes behind Laptop over heat, most common are below:
1.       Broken heat sink fan Blade it generates unexpected noise, sometimes vibrate.
2.       Heat sink fan Jam or Dead.
3.       Heat sink grill Blocked.
4.       Puffed Heat sink grill with Particle and thread.
5.       Chip level of Circuitry fault.
6.       Lack/excessive of Thermal Compound.
7.       Old Thermal Compound.
8.       Improper Power supply.
9.       Damaged Battery.
10.   Bad Over clocked CPU/GPU/APU.

Basic Fixes for Laptop over Heat Problem (Beginner/Home User) 
  •  “Tacking Expert advice is best choice before preceding anything!”
  • Fallow Laptop PC Operational Manual.
  •  Use cooling pad.
  • Use Recommended Power Adaptor Supply.
  • Put laptop on flat surface if going to operate for long time.
  • Avoid using on bed.
  • Check air flow normal/low/block then go for technical assistance.
  • Generally put the notebook on a table, desk or flat surface.
  • Clean air flow passage externally only.
  • Check fan is running properly with some intervals, or fixed? If fixed then seek expert help. 
  • Enable Active Cooling.
  •  Go to Expert trained professionals, Lack of knowledge may cause unexpected injury or Hazards.
  • Laptop PC base can become hot! Avoid prolonged contact to prevent heat injury to skin.”
  • Do not blow heat sinks grill from external Blower if, laptop not open. This may cause waste jammed more firmly and stop/damage heat sink fan.
  • Always use Recommended Safety measures guided by Manufacturers of Laptop (Machine).
  • Before performing any task go through operational Manual of Laptop (machine) and Carefully Read all Cautions and Warnings. 
  •  Before opening Laptop (machine) check warranty status, Under Warranty/Out of Warranty.